Aromatherapy based natural skincare with goal to promote healthy mind, body and spirit.

YULIMADE brand was established in 2011 by licensed aromatherapist Yuli. She believes that one’s healthy skin is a reflection of his or her body, mind and spirit. Utilizing the scientific extraction method of aromatic essences from plants and formulating active ingredients into her products, YULIMADE carries a unique scent of natural freshness, soothing and calm textures with eco-friendly packaging. Our stringent practice standards allow us to work with some of the largest suppliers and manufactures in the world.



Yuli is the founder and chief formulator for YULIMADE brand. Following her study in the University of New South Wales Australia, Yuli moved to California with her family.

During her pregnancy, Yuli became extremely sensitive to the smell of artificial fragrances. The condition became worse when she suffered rash skin conditions. Her thought was simple at the time, to make her own soap bars at home with available natural ingredients to alleviate her from her conditions. This simple thought led her to join the HSCG where her vision for YULIMADE was born. That is to apply her thorough understanding of aromatic care in formulating natural and effective skincare product lines.


We take healthy formulation seriously. That’s why our in-house formulators test and create our own formulas strictly adhere to YULIMADE non-toxic standards. Not only it allows us to manufacture natural and effective skincare products, but it also prolongs product shelf life.

We stand against any of the following included in our products. No parabens, no Artifical Fragrances, no synthetic dyes, no preservatives, no sulfates SLS SLES, no mineral oil, no silicone oil, last but not least, no EDTA.

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Love the products. The packaging is fantasic. I never would thought the eye cream can be so effective.

Michelle Dune

It’s not only for the ladies. Men take care of themselves too. The glacial mud mask is perfect for my oily skin.

Nick Sanders


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